As well as the rods and reels, we offer a number of other items. Priests, fly drying products,  traditional floats, keyrings and more…

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Split Cane Dubbing Needle / Bodkin


These are handmade to order or made in small batches that become available via social media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter).

Made from hand planed cane in the Rawson workshop, matched with turned brass hardware, a hand filed stainless steel ‘needle’ – all finished with silk whippings, traditional varnish and a cork plug to protect the tip. 

A completely unnecessary, but wonderful tool to have. Makes a great gift for the committed fly tier.


Split Cane Priests

A priest is often carried by anglers and used to dispatch fish. Sometimes, there can be nothing greater than eating your own catch.

We have a couple of different options for our priests as shown below. We also make one off specials that will appear on our for sale page from time to time.

Our handmade priests are crafted from flamed split cane and then fitted with a champagne grade cork handle that is hand turned to shape. We use various metals for the ‘weight’ at the end, but generally brass is chosen and laser engraved with the Rawson logo.

After the decorative whippings and a few coats of varnish, the result is a well balanced traditional style priest that not only looks great, but performs great.

A Rawson priest is supplied with a good quality drawstring bag.

Rawson priests are fully customisable, meaning length, weight, metal type and whipping design can be chosen upon ordering.

We can also personalise your priest with ink to make it truly unique.


Classic Priest — £70


Mortised Priest — £90

Exactly the same as our classic priest but more decorative, using extra pieces of wood to give a swollen appearance. Photos below.


Leather Amadou Fly Drying Patch

— Not currently available —


Hand cut, hand stamped and all together handmade leather amadou patch. Amadou is a naturally absorbent material which makes it perfect for drying your favourite flies when they become saturated.

Originally derived from the fungus of a horse’s hoof, the amadou is protected by high quality genuine leather, stamped with our distinctive logo. Simply insert your fly in between the amadou and squeeze, you’ll be amazed how dry your fly is once removed.

To accommodate all fly sizes, the our standard size amadou measures approx 3″ x  2″. However due to their handmade nature we are usually able to cater to individual needs.