We’ve had a few emails from people who have read the recent review in ‘Fly Fishing & Fly Tying’ magazine asking about various things. Here’s a few things we would like to say.
1. The review states the ferrules are brass. This is incorrect. So far, all of our fly rods have been fitted with high quality Nickel Silver ferrules.
2. The review states the rod is ‘framed cane’. Obviously this is a spelling mistake made by the reviewer – it should be flamed.
3. RE: ‘lumpy whippings’. I first thought that the reviewer was being overly critical of the ring whippings, but after receiving the rod back this week here’s the conclusion we’ve come to. The rod was originally posted to the mag (situated in Aberdeenshire, Scotland) late last year, just when the snow hit. As a result, the rod was ‘missing’ in the post until just after christmas, a month or more after originally posted. We can only assume the rod was stored in a warehouse/lorry in severe freezing conditions for this duration. As a result the whippings on the rod have become ‘bumpy’ and also quite ‘tiger striped’ – an effect I have not seen happen before on a rod! I’ve included a photo below to illustrate this:

Varnish Malfunction 
Each light patch on the whippings is a bump.

We just felt we needed to say a few things about it all to clear the air.

As April nears, excitement is still growing for the trout season ahead. I’ll uploads some photos of the latest of the workbench in the coming days too.


Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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