Exploration… Part Deux!

With a distinct lack of angling action over the last couple of weeks, today gave me a chance to have a wander upstream of the stretch I fished last time I wrote here.
As with all previously unfished water I was rather excited and as I reached the river my excitement grew. With the warm air temp and a strong wind I decided to walk upstream until I saw something rising. 
I’d walked for maybe 3 minutes before I reached a shallow fast series of cascades, full of streamer weed. Between the runs of weed I saw a couple of small fish rising quite regularly. I set up and having seen a few small olives emerging, a CDC Olive emerger was the fly of choice.  I made my way into casting distance and only needed to cover the fish once and he readily obliged. A small but perfect little trout met my hand before quickly jumping out again before I managed a photo.
I covered a few more fish but they were not so forgiving to my slightly poor casting  that the wind was causing! I walked further upstream hoping to find some shelter from the wind. I reached a deep fast pool surrounded by trees and with the lack of activity on the surface I changed to a PTN. First run through a lovely trout eventually graced the net after a series of acrobatics.

A better fish.
After a few more runs through the pool it was clear the comotion caused by the above fish had put any other fish down. I waded to the top of the pool and spotted a BIG trout just a little further upstream. I flicked the PTN above it and out of nowhere a small trout pounced before promptly shaking the hook. The big fish was nowhere to been seen. I stepped up the pool before freezing as the ‘biggie’ came back into view about 2 yards above my left foot. I carefully flicked the nymph above it again and slightly raised it as it came past the fish. The trout turned and snapped at the fly, however my strike was either too late or too early as I only hit thin air. I’ll be back for him next time!
After countless more fish missed and lost I reached a lovely shallow run with around half a dozen fish sipping regularly off the surface. After bumping a couple on a twitched CDC emerger it was clear it wasnt they fly they REALLY wanted. After 4 or 5 fly changes I finally managed a confident take to a Griffiths Gnat. Another spirited fight and series of acrobatics proceeded before this beauty met my net.
 Back you go.
Again, the comotion had put the other fish down but after walking slowly up the pool, two fish sat under a branch at the top end came into view. 
I changed back to the PTN and flicked it under the branch numerous times before inducing a take from the smaller of the two fish. A deep surging fight followed as it sprinted off downstream before eventually reaching the net. 
Incredible colours, not really done justice by the photo.
With time against me once more, I made my way back downstream and peered into a small nearby stillwater adjacent to the river. I couldnt resist a cast for a shoal of Roach sat just under the surface. I flicked the PTN into the shoal and after a few follows I connected with a fish, but not the desired species.
Another two casts resulted in two more of these little devils, god only knows the havoc they cause the Roach!
I reached the car and had time to reflect on a a great afternoon’s exploration! Some super fish caught and some even better ones lost. As I write this I’m already itching to get back there!

Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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