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Again I find myself apologizing for the lack of recent updates but it has been a busy couple of months!
Starting last month I had a week away in Cornwall with the other half. Weather wasn’t ideal but I did manage a few trips out with the fly rod. Plenty of pollack were caught as well as a mullet or two on bread. Great fun and there’s a chance I might get back there before summer is over (if it isn’t already!).

After that began the finishing touches to a number of rod, float and priest orders making there way across the globe – stretching as far as Australia and the USA! As well as the orders, we have been putting together a number of new display rods to take to Frampton Country Fair which we will be attending again this year.
That brings us to this month. It began with me putting my back out, very painful but glad its now sorted. Then came the fun and games that is car hunting, due to numerous failures on my last car. Thankfully a trip to Leamington Spa found the car for me. Once on my feet and mobile again it only seemed right that a trip to the river was in order. 
Joined by Graham, we had our sights set on a good Perch and numerous other species. After fishing for a while it was clear the Perch were not really in the mood. A decent fish hit Graham’s fly a few times but he couldn’t make it stick. Later on I managed a small Perch but there were many more surprises in store!
Whilst watching the water, Graham spotted a barbel in a fast run with streamer weed either side. “How big?” I asked – “About 2lb” he replied. Both agreeing that would do for the 5wt’s he tied a fast sinking nymph on. After a few runs through another fish came from nowhere, looking perhaps twice the size of the first, and sitting next to the other – his chances had doubled!
A few more runs through saw us both anxious watching as the fly neared the fish, the line stopped, Graham struck and the fish was on. A few fast runs into the weed and many downstream lunges later a barbel graced the net, although barely fitting in it! The “2lber” was half the size of this fish, making it 4lb right? WRONG! The only scales I had went 7lb and they bottom out fast! I’d estimate it around 8 or 9lb I suppose, not particularly long but boy was this fish deep! A few photos:

In addition to this cracker we caught chub, perch, dace, roach, grayling, gudgeon and bleak. A nice return to the river!


Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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