More troot!

After the soaring temperatures of the last few days another short session on the local stream was on the cards. Joined again by Graham from Wildflies we found it tough going despite plenty of fish rising. We threw everything at them but they were not having any of it – One of those days! Towards the top of the stretch I eventually managed one to a sedge pattern.

As we came to the top of the stretch we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Fish were still rising further up the river beyond this stretch and we couldn’t resist going to have a closer look and to try and film them. We were then treated to 4 bats flying inches from us mopping up all the Grannom that filled the skies. We tried to take some photos but they move so fast its incredibly hard to get a clear shot, although Graham managed to get one or two fine photos – easily identifiable as Pipistrels!

Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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