The Forgotten Pool…

Last night I took a trip to a local stream that has a large, almost pond like pool. I hadn’t fished it for some time and to be honest I had forgotten about it.
I always remember the mystery of the pool, often as darkness approaches there are huge splashes. In the past me and Graham have caught decent trout, chub to 3-4lbs and the depth of the pool has always made us wonder what else lies beneath the surface.
I wasnt really fishing, more a cameraman for Graham but I did have a cast or two. Graham managed two trout, lost another and had a tiny dace, another species for the pool list. A warmer evening may have seen more activity on the surface as darkness drew in but it was nice to be reacquainted with the place. The coming months may see many more trips to ‘the forgotten pool’.

I’m hoping to put together some sort of video from the footage I took, maybe in the next day or two.
Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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