They’re here…

Over the last week the Mayfly have started to hatch in increasing numbers here in Gloucestershire. The high temperatures and at times cloud cover have provided the perfect conditions for the Ephemera Danica and alike. Although I have not been able to get out for the emergence of these Trout treats, late evening has provided great sport when the spinners begin to fall after laying their eggs. Last night was the best evening yet for the spinner fall and although I lost a few nice fish I also landed a good amount – steady sport up until 9.30pm. An Otter swan a few feet past me, a Sparrowhawk perched above me, Kingfishers whizzed past me whilst Black Headed Gulls and both Pied and Grey Wagtails filled their beaks as the air was thick with Mayfly spinners. The water is incredibly low at the moment and the flow is reduced which is making presentation key whilst targeting the fish. My trusty 6’8″ Rawson & Perrin split cane rod paired with a Sunray Stuart Crofts #4 made the job a lot easier!

I’ve included a number of photos below of fish, scenery and the birds.

trout cane rod


Trout take

grey wagtail

grey wagtail


pied wagtail

Black Headed Gull eating Mayfly

Ephemera Danica

wild trout going back

trout with cane rod



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