Word on “The Chevin”…

We’ve just received an email from a customer who had ordered the “Chevin” I posted about in my last entry. Its always nice to hear from the people who buy from us. Here’s what he said:

Hi Adam 
I finally got some time out from the business today to go christen my new rod. Only
one fish but she sure is a picture! At 9 1/2 lbs and she went off like an express
train but the chevin handled her extremely well, particularly as I was using
relatively light ledger gear. I am impressed how the rod taper performed under load
- the cane is such a lovely shock absorber, and the rod Wallis casts well too. I'm a
cane rod newbie and now a convert!
I had planned to go out after chub, and had a small 1/4 oz feeder with a size 10
hook & 6lb line. But I saw the barbel rolling downstream and put on some luncheon
meat and hey presto! The barbel did several powerful runs but I was able to turn her
by playing her off the butt by keeping the rod low. The rod has plenty of power
there and although the rod was in a parabolic curve I didn't feel that the rod was
over challenged at all- I think applying side strain rather than high sticking is
the key here. I think I would have struggled to land this fish on my stiffer carbon
rods on 6lb line.

Also interestingly the bite was just a gentle little tremble of the rod tip and the
finesse of the cane tip registered this far better than my normal carbon 'barbel'
rod would have done - I think this bite was easier to detect and hit on the cane rod
than it would have been on my other rods.  It has made me think about going back in
for some touch ledgering as I think the responsiveness of the cane is perfect for
this. Perhaps you should look at promoting this benefit on your literature for some
of your existing or future models?... 

All in all it's been an interesting first experience with cane. When I placed my
order with Rawson & Perrin it was because I had been seduced by the beautiful images
on your website- the choice of cane was a purely aesthetic one!  But what I have
discovered today is that the fishing experience is also greatly enhanced in a
physical and practical way too because of the unique properties of cane as a rod
building material. By the way, I found that the shortened handle on my version of
the chevin worked well too, particularly in tight jungle swims. 

I know that rod choice is a highly subjective thing but for me the chevin is a great
choice for small river work and I would feel confident targeting low to mid double
barbel and chub to any size on smaller rivers.
Thanks again for such a great rod - it was well and truly tested today on its first
trip out and has exceeded all expectations.

Barbel DWB

A lovely barbel caught by David West Beale on his Chevin rod.

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Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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