First Day…

Well it finally arrived! The longely anticipated April 1st came along and Graham and I made our way to a favourite little stream. 
The air was much cooler than the previous week and it took a while for fish to begin to rise. We started nymphing the likely looking spots and it wasn’t long until Graham christened his new R&P rod with a lovely wild looking trout.

I followed up with a few more fish on the nymph. As the afternoon progressed we got to a group of fish that were happy to rise to olive emergers and midge patterns. We both filled our boots and ended up with around a dozen between us. A superb opening to the season!

With our appetites severely wetted, we head to a local stream yesterday evening hoping the Grannom had started to hatch. We arrived to see plumes of grannom fizzing up and down the stream and every now and then a fish would hit into them. 
Unfortunately the fish didnt seem to like our offerings too much and as the temperature dropped the fish did too. We ended up with a fish each. I took a trout on a CDC midge pattern and Graham had a lovely out of season Grayling on a flashback baetis pattern, a shame we couldnt find that one in the winter months!
All in all, a lovely first couple of trips. Here’s to the next one!
Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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