Floats and stuff…

We have been working on an order of floats for a customer who wanted them with bright tips to enable them to be seen better. For that reason we decided to use a very bright orange colour for the tips, which is a big departure from our usual red and yellow “classic” colours.

The order comprises of three avons, and two bodied wagglers. The colours we chose for the whippings were black, red and orange, which compliments both the light colouring of the balsa bodies and also the bright orange of the tips.

This photograph shows the base of the bodies of the Avons:

The floats have received a total of seven coats of varnish to get the finish to the standard we require before the floats are fit to sell:

Generally, floats will be hung for about two weeks after the final coats of varnish before being hard enough to handle, post, and then subsequently use to (hopefully) catch some fish!

We are waiting for a new dial test indicator to arrive in the post (after I managed to drop and break the last), before work can continue on an order we have for a 6’6″, three weight small stream / brook rod. I will post pictures about this soon.

Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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