MkIV finishing….

A while ago I posted about a MkIV I was restoring. Today the varnish was hard enough on the butt piece to take a few snaps.

The rod was whipped with a burgundy silk thread that would become translucent once varnished. Here’s a few snaps of the (nearly) finished butt section:

MkIV AvonMkIV AvonMkIV Avon
MkIV Avon
I’m happy with the final result, although if I was doing it again, I’d have used the same ‘red’ coloured silk for the intermediates as the ‘brown’ silk didnt end up the colour I’d have liked on this coloured blank.
I’ve also wrapped and sealed a priest this week that we made for a Canadian customer that was mentioned a couple of posts ago. See photo below:
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Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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