Cane bashing.

As our new Dial test indicator has arrived, work has started in earnest on the 6’6″ #4 rod for a local fisherman. This will be a small brook and stream rod, which we have made with one of our own tapers (Adams favorite for this type of fishing). This rod may lack outright power of a larger and bulkier taper, but more than makes up for that, with a finesse and delicacy that is required when fishing with small flies, on a thin stream or river in possibly cramped conditions where placing the fly accurately is the main aim.
Here are a couple of photographs showing the three planes I am using at the moment, along with the finished tapered cane, just wrapped with tape:

The planes that i use are an original Stanley 91/2, a Stanley G12 and an unknown Stanley plane which is the same as a 91/2 but slightly longer. I only use Hock blades on all of them as I believe that they keep an edge for longer than any other blade that I have tried.

While final planing the rod, we also knocked up another priest handle, as these have become popular in the last month, with another order coming in:

I will post more pics soon showing the making of the rods handle and reel seat, until then happy fishing..

Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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