June Update…

Apologies for the lack of updates since the start of the coarse fishing season. Needless to say I’ve been out a few times with the fly rod after the chub etc…
The first couple of trips were a little disappointing in the fact that areas that used to hold large numbers of chub seemed to be void of them. However we still managed a few smaller fish.

A running theme in all the trips I’ve made to the river so far is the abundance of trout in places I’ve never seen them before and on rivers not really well known for them. In fact, whilst fishing for the coarse fish, trout have almost become a nuisance fish! Maybe the trout are enjoying the cold winters?

Yesterday saw me and Graham back on the river. Upon arrival the river was extremely low and ultra clear, more so than I’ve ever seen before. However we enjoyed a super day, catching 8 different species bewteen us. The chub were back in their usual places although proving more difficult to catch than in previous years! We still managed a good few fish between us, all fish over 3lb.

As well as good chub, we enjoyed fantastic sport with the Perch. Each catching fish to around 2lb as well as numerous smaller fish.

We also had upwards of 20 Dace, a number of Roach, some bleak, a helping of Trout and a couple of very rare Grayling for this particular area.

Probably the star of the show though was Graham’s Pike, around 8lb and taken in shallow water the fish led him on a merry dance through a lot of water and put a serious bend in his 5wt!!!

A seriously super day and I hope the fabulous sport continues throughout July.


Adam Rawson
Dad, husband, maker of split cane fishing rods and lover of the great outdoors.

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