First day…

I had been looking forward to April coming more this year, than any previous. Probably because I have some exciting new water to explore. However, having only a couple of hours spare on the first day of the season I decided to keep it a bit more local.
Upon arrival at the small stream I could see there were a few olives flying around. As I walked further downstream there were hundreds of Grannom skating on or just above the surface. While I set up I was watching the water and it wasn’t long until I saw a few trout leaping out after the easy meals. They were definately on the grannom!
The first riffle produced a nice fat little trout on a sedge imitation, but the others that were clearly feeding could not be tempted by the same pattern.

As I made my way upstream into slower water it was clear the fish weren’t feeding off the top as they were in the faster water downstream. I switched to a small beadhead nymph and headed to the riffles towards the top of the stretch. First or second cast I was into a grayling, not what I was after but a welcome mistake.
A couple of runs through later produced another trout of similar size to my first, fighting hard on the small rod – a nice change from throwing big flies around after Pike a couple of months ago! 
Happy with the results from the last hour or two I headed back to the car – but I couldnt resist ‘one last cast’ in the shallow pool at the top. First cast with the nymph and the line shoots forward almost instantly, someone was definitely home! After a few more tries I finally made contact with a tiny but absolutely perfect trout.
I cast out again, just to reel the line back in and amazingly I was straight into another fish, however this one managed to spit the barbless hook out before I could properly set the hook.
A great start to the season and I can’t wait to get out again! Thanks to Graham for the photos, he managed a couple of trout too but I’ll let him tell you about them!
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