Tinca Tinca…

The opportunity arose today to get a couple of hours on a local farm pond. I only discovered this little gem last year and with the lake containing Tench, Rudd and Carp I was excited to have the chance to get back there.

I had my heart set on a Tench and my preferred way of catching them is as simple as it gets… A porcupine quill shotted with a BB and a size 10 barbless hook with some bread flake pinched on. I had heard that the Tench havent really shown up yet by the owner, but with a warm night and high tempartures I was optomistic.

I fished two rods, both cane (of course!) and each coupled with a ‘pin. I set the second rod up with a size 6 hook, a swan shot pinched on the line and a bigger piece of bread flake.

When I arrived there was little happening in terms of bubbles but after 30mins or so I could see that fish were routing around near my float. After a few missed bites and a bumped fish, I finally landed my first Tench of the year. I’m not sure how big the Tench get in this pond but I’d guess this one was around average. Upon netting my wrist was aching – I forgot how hard Tench fight!

After a the lake had gotten over all the commotion the fish had caused, it was clear that fish were still feeding and it wasnt long until I was in again – this time on ledgered flake downt he margin. A beautifully coloured female graced the net and after a quick photo, she was on her way.
A couple of males followed on the float before I had another on the ledger rod.  Five in total and a superb couple of hours fishing. I think the Tench are definitely ‘on it’ now! What’s more, I had the lake all to myself. Bliss!
Shoal of Rudd
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